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Texans at Risk of Another Explosion?

ExplosionThree years ago, an explosion in West left 15 people dead and devastated the entire town. Now, federal investigators are warning that various communities throughout Texas are still at risk for the same kind of fertilizer explosion.

Throughout the state, there are 19 facilities that house more than five tons of fertilizer-grade ammonium nitrate within a half-mile of a hospital, school, or nursing home. Despite this, after the West explosion, there have been few improvements in the rules and regulations governing the fertilize storage. The report compiled by investigators placed blame on numerous parties, including federal agencies, West, and the state of Texas.

Part of the report echoed sentiments from a previous investigation in which it was determined that the nation has outdated regulations when it comes to ammonium nitrate fertilizer storage. The findings also state that Texas’ insurance code doesn’t offer additional protection, and the city approved the building of apartments, schools, and a nursing home within the vicinity of the facility.

These oversights are not acceptable. They can lead to serious injury and even death when an explosion occurs.

If you were harmed or lost someone you loved as a result of a plant explosion, you may be able to take legal action to seek compensation. The risks involved with these fertilizer plants are alarming and we should take the proper precautions to keep the individuals in Texas safe.

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