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Asbestos Discovered in Second Building in Bastrop County

An inspection revealed the presence of asbestos in a second Bastrop County building earlier this month. Employees are set to receive asbestos awareness training in response to this discovery.

Asbestos was discovered in the county’s jailhouse just last month after a building analysis found the deadly substance in the damaged plaster walls. Employees were sent to temporary offices in the Grady Tuck Building before asbestos was also discovered there.

“A lot of these county buildings were remodeled during a time when asbestos was the material of choice,” County Judge Paul Pape said. “So, as we remodel them and find work to do on them, we’re going to run into that. It’s not unusual. It’s not the first time we’ve run into it and it’s not the last time.&rdquo

Austin Enviro Group conducted an interior assessment of the building, and their report indicated that the ceiling and plaster walls of the building contained chrysotile asbestos in both the Grady Tuck Building and the old jailhouse.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) instructed county officials to test the air quality in the jailhouse after Hurricane Harvey damaged the building. Because the jailhouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the county has reached out to nine historic architectural firms about remodeling and asbestos abatement.

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