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Is there a mesothelioma case you handled that stands out in your memory?

Aaron Heckman: One of the most rewarding cases that we worked on, mostly because it truly exemplified what we do here and that it's a total team effort, is the case involving Mr. Pogh.

He served our county bravely in the Navy and was unfortunately exposed to high levels of asbestos while doing so and developed mesothelioma. We ultimately took his case to trial in the city of St. Louis and received a very large jury verdict, upwards to $10 million. That case was appealed through every possible appellate court. We succeeded at the Missouri court of appeals and the Supreme Court of Missouri. I've very happy to report that nearly three years later, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld our position and was able to provide closure for the Pogh family.

The commitment that we showed that family, and frankly we show all of our clients, demonstrates that we are willing to fight the entire process, whether it's a settlement that we can get quickly for them or all the way to the Supreme Court three years after a jury verdict.