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Where can asbestos be found?

Aaron Heckaman: The obviously places that everyone knows is if you served in the armed forces, which unfortunately has a high percentage of people who committed service are later inflicted with this horrible disease. What you see nowadays is that there are products that people would have never imagined contained asbestos, and that could be things from drywall in their home, flooring tiles, and ceiling tiles. There is asbestos in phenolic resin, so you see people who worked with plastics and other trades that are non-traditionally asbestos exposure trades that are getting sick. As we get later in the years and as asbestos was phased out in the mid-80s, you're seeing a whole lot of new and nontraditional exposures where you're seeing people who were exposed through remediation projects. We have a very interesting case right now where we are representing a former sitting judge who was exposed through remediation and remodeling of the courthouse that he served in. It's unbelievable how widely used asbestos was and how scary it is that it's still in place today in a whole lot of places.

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What is mesothelioma?

Aaron Heckaman: Mesothelioma is a very rare form of cancer that involves, not the lung itself, but the lining of the lungs or the pleura. The only ...

What is asbestos?

Aaron Heckaman: A lot of people don't know that asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral. It's literally something that's found in the ground, and ...

Can You Get Mesothelioma Without Direct Exposure to Asbestos?

Aaron Heckman: Secondary exposure cases are challenging cases but they're frankly ones that we handle all the time and we excel at. A client is often ...

What is your experience in handling mesothelioma cases?

Aaron Heckaman: Our firm is very uniquely situated to handle mesothelioma cases because we treat them a little bit differently than most firms. We ...

In what jurisdictions have you pursued mesothelioma cases?

Aaron Heckman: I've been fortunate enough to represent people in all 50 states in these mass action cases. Specific to mesothelioma cases, within the ...

Is there a mesothelioma case you handled that stands out in your memory?

Aaron Heckman: One of the most rewarding cases that we worked on, mostly because it truly exemplified what we do here and that it's a total team ...

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