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Ava Campbell (Mesothelioma Claim)

Ava Campbell: After I was diagnosed with mesothelioma, the first thing I was thinking about was death. I didn't think about a law firm or a lawsuit. But after my surgery, that's when my husband and I decided that we were going to look into a lawsuit.

It wasn't about money; it was about the way that I possibly got the disease. It wasn't fair to my family that I may not grow old with my husband. It wasn't fair to my children that I may not be able to see my grandchildren grow up.

Bailey Cowan Heckaman has been great. They call and explain everything from A to Z. We were not lost or confused about anything - we never stepped into something like, "Wow, we can't believe they didn't tell us this." They told us everything step-by-step. They didn't know me at the beginning of the trial, but they got to know me as a person. They made me feel very confident in everything that they did from A to Z because to me they were not only my lawyers but also my friends. I refer my friends because of their professionalism and their friendship.