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Doris Hamblet (Mesothelioma Claim)

Doris Hamblet: He said someone should pay for killing him - his words exactly, "Someone should pay for killing him..." It was really my husband's idea. His sister had given him a number that was on T.V. to call because he was beginning to get sick. I said, "Whatever number she gave us we'll try, and if you like the sound of them when we call, we'll go with them." He was still working, he was still in good health, and he said he was going to continue to work until he was too old to walk uphill into his job. He was always confident and upbeat and always ready to make a person laugh, and that's just the way he was until he got really, really, really sick. I knew that I would rather have him than some financial compensation, but he felt better that his family had something since he wasn't going to be around.