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Pat Chiacchio (Mesothelioma Claim)

Pat Chiacchio: My mother became pretty ill about three and a half years ago. She was in a doctor's office and they immediately detected that it could be mesothelioma. I felt so confident that I could call the law firm at any time, and I was never put on hold. I never had to talk to machines - I would talk to live people, and they answered every question because they're very well versed in it, they're knowledgeable, and it made my mother comfortable to know that she could confide in someone who would answer her questions. The initial visit went extremely well. It wasn't like he was acting in an attorney-client relationship; it was like how a mother would talk to her son. They got off to a great relationship from the very beginning, and it made us, as a family, feel extremely comfortable that he was handling the case with such tenderness.