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Can Hypoplastic Left Heart Be Misdiagnosed?

What to Do If Your Child’s Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) Is Misdiagnosed

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) is a serious condition that occurs when the left side of the heart is unable to pump blood adequately. It is a congenital heart defect that can be diagnosed during pregnancy. Undiagnosed and untreated, the condition can prove fatal.

A prompt and accurate diagnosis of HLHS is critical to ensuring your successful treatment. A missed diagnosis or misdiagnosis of the condition may be considered medical malpractice. If your child’s Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome was not properly diagnosed, you need to speak to an attorney. 

At Bailey Cowan Heckaman, PLLC, we represent families who have suffered unimaginable harm due to an HLHS misdiagnosis. Contact our office today at (888) 367-7160 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. 

What Is Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome?

Hypoplastic left heart syndrome, or HLHS, is a congenital heart defect. Congenital means that the condition is present at birth. HLHS occurs when the left side of the heart is underdeveloped or does not allow blood to flow properly. It is considered a “critical congenital heart defect (CCHD). 

Undiagnosed hypoplastic left heart syndrome can prove fatal within days of a child’s birth. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately 1,025 children are born with the condition each year. The cause of HLHS is unknown, but it is generally detectable during pregnancy or immediately after a child is born. 

How Is HLHS Diagnosed?

HLHS can be diagnosed during pregnancy using an ultrasound. If the ultrasound indicates that the fetus’s left ventricle is underdeveloped or that a valve is too small, a fetal echocardiogram may be ordered. The echocardiogram is used to show whether the heart is working properly.

If the condition is not diagnosed during pregnancy, it may be detected after birth. Symptoms of  HLHS include that they have difficulty breathing, weak pulse, and grayish-blue lips and gums. If your baby appears seriously ill after birth, you need to seek emergency medical treatment.

Can HLHS Be Misdiagnosed?

As with other heart defects, HLHS can be misdiagnosed, or the condition may be missed altogether (missed diagnosis). If HLHS is not promptly diagnosed, it can cause death within days. If your prenatal care team failed to conduct proper testing, such as ultrasounds that would have revealed the condition or failed to properly diagnose the condition, it may amount to medical malpractice.

Contact an Attorney Today.

If your child suffered harm because their hypoplastic left heart syndrome was not properly diagnosed, you need to speak to an attorney. An attorney can help determine whether you have a valid claim for damages. It is important to act quickly to ensure your child receives the medical care and treatment they need.

At Bailey Cowan Heckaman, we have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of medical malpractice victims and their families. We work tirelessly to bring justice to our clients. Get the strength of experience on your side. There are no fees unless we win. Contact our office today at (888) 367-7160 to schedule a free case consultation. 

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