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BCH’s legacy started 30+ years ago through its founder’s experience handling complex, high-value mass tort and personal injury litigation lawsuits. We think of ourselves as so much more than legal advocates—we are also counselors at law.

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Passionately Driven: For Us, Every Case is Personal
Every relationship with our clients means the world to us. We are voraciously loyal when it comes to protecting our clients and ensuring they get the outcome they deserve. Once we take on a case, nothing can come between us and our client. From day one, our goal has been to work hard for our clients in a way that makes them feel empowered, valued, and cared for. Our goal is the same today as it has been for decades, and we believe that sets us apart.
Continuing the Legacy
BCH has a proud legacy, and it is something we strive to continue for years to come. Our legacy began 30 years ago, and it perpetuates with the passion that continues to instill in each member of our team. We’re in this—for the benefit of our clients—for the long haul.

The BCH legacy is one of relentless dedication to our clients. Our foremost goal is to do right by our clients. We have represented tens of thousands of clients, but at the end of the day, and all our attorneys can attest to this, we can go to bed at night in good conscience knowing we worked hard for our clients.
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No Fee Unless We Win:
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