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Birth Injury
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Houston Birth Injury Attorney

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Birth injuries are some of the most devastating forms of medical malpractice. Trauma experienced during labor and delivery can lead to lifelong health complications including developmental delays, behavioral problems, and disabilities. If you suspect that your child was harmed as a result of a healthcare provider’s negligence and failure to uphold duty of care, you need an attorney to help you get the compensation your child deserves.

At Bailey Cowan Heckaman PLLC, we represent individuals who have sustained injuries at birth in Houston and across the country. Our experienced legal team works tirelessly to ensure that your child receives the maximum compensation possible to help with medical expenses now and throughout their lifetime. If you believe that your child sustained a birth injury, contact our office at (888) 367-7160 to schedule a free consultation. 

What Is a Birth Injury?

A birth injury is an injury sustained by a child before, during, or after birth. If the trauma is caused by a medical provider’s negligence or wrongdoing, the family may have a medical malpractice claim. It is critical to discuss your child’s case with an attorney as soon as possible in order to determine whether you have a valid claim for damages. 

While the labor and delivery process can be traumatic for any child, doctors and other healthcare providers must work to prevent unnecessary harm. If a doctor, nurse, midwife, or other professional fails to provide a reasonable standard of care, they must be held accountable. 

Should I Sue for a Birth Injury?

Birth injuries can cause long-term health problems that require lifelong care and treatment. Your child deserves to receive the best medical care available. Compensation from a birth injury claim can help ensure that your child receives compensation to cover any medical expenses related to their trauma. 

Damages in a birth injury lawsuit may provide compensation for:

  • Current medical bills
  • Future care and treatment, including disability care
  • Lost earnings
  • Rehabilitation and therapy costs
  • Pain and suffering

A Houston birth injury attorney can help you understand your rights and will fight for your child to receive the largest recovery possible. A lawsuit may also help to hold negligent providers accountable for their wrongdoing and help to prevent future cases. 

What Are Common Examples of Birth Injuries?

Birth injuries can range in severity, but many times they are caused by inexperience, neglect, or wrongdoing. Depending on the case, a birth injury can result in paralysis, heartwrenching physical and mental disabilities, and developmental delays.

Common examples of birth injuries or birth injury-related conditions include:

 If you see that your child has missed important milestones after experiencing birth trauma, you need to consult with a trusted physician and contact a Houston birth injury lawyer today. 

What Causes Most Birth Injuries?

Birth injuries can be caused by one or more contributing factors. When they are the result of medical malpractice, such as misdiagnosis, the negligent healthcare provider must be held accountable. It is essential to discuss your case with a qualified Houston birth injury attorney as early as possible. An attorney can help conduct a thorough, independent investigation into the cause of the birth trauma.

Birth injuries resulting in liability may be caused by:

  • Failure to monitor for fetal distress
  • Failure to order a timely cesarean section
  • Medication errors
  • Improper use of force during delivery
  • Failure to treat and diagnose a maternal infection
  • Failure to monitor and treat for oxygen deprivation

If your child’s birth injury was the result of medical negligence, you might be entitled to compensation to cover your child’s medical expenses. A lawyer can help evaluate your claim and determine your legal options. 

What Are Signs of a Birth Injury?

Early on, it may be challenging to determine whether your child suffered harm as a result of trauma experienced during the labor and delivery process. It is essential to discuss any developmental concerns with your pediatrician. 

Signs of a birth injury may include but are not limited to:

  • Missing developmental milestones such as sitting up, crawling, or walking;
  • Seizures;
  • Involuntary movements and muscle spasms;
  • Limpness or low muscle tone;
  • Lethargy and extreme fatigue;
  • Unreasonable fussiness and irritability; and
  • Signs of swelling or bruising.

Documenting information about the care your child received, including treating physicians, procedures that were performed, and medications that were prescribed, may prove critical to your case. Signs of a birth injury may appear within minutes or hours after birth or may take years to become obvious. 

What to Do If You Suspect a Birth Injury

If you suspect that your child suffered an injury at birth, you need to consult with a Houston birth injury attorney immediately. An attorney will investigate the claim, always putting your child’s best interests first. They can help you understand your legal rights and how to pursue compensation against a negligent provider. 

Any birth injury is difficult, but when it is preventable, it can be unbearable. A birth injury lawsuit can help you get the justice you and your family deserve after an unthinkable tragedy. Compensation from the claim can help ensure that your child receives the medical care they need throughout their life. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Attorney?

At Bailey Cowan Heckaman PLLC, birth injury claims are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are no fees unless we win. All consultations are free and without obligation to retain our services. 

Get the Dedicated Representation You Deserve

Was your child injured during the labor and delivery process? Contact our office at (888) 367-7160 for a free, no-obligation consultation. Discuss your case with a knowledgeable birth injury lawyer today and determine the value of your claim today. 

Our lawyers have the experience and compassion to help you get results. We have obtained multiple multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients and will fight relentlessly for you and your family. Let us help make a difference in your child’s life. Call now to get started.

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