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Over 35 Injured in Baytown Exxon Plant Explosion, Refinery Fire

Dozens of victims were injured late Wednesday morning when an explosion and fire occurred at the ExxonMobil Baytown Olefins Plant in Baytown, Texas.

Although details about the incident are still being released, Baytown officials have reported that over three dozen workers were injured when an explosion and subsequent fire occurred at the Baytown Olefins Plant, located roughly 25 miles east of Houston.

Here’s what we know:

  • The blast occurred shortly after 11:00 am on Wednesday, July 31. Local residents report feeling an explosion large enough to shake windows throughout the surrounding areas.
  • Following the blast, a fire broke out in a unit of the facility which processes light hydrocarbons, including polypropylene and propane. A total of 37 victims were transported to an off-site clinic for medical attention, according to the plant manager. No deaths have been reported.
  • Exxon and Baytown officials announced that a shelter-in-place was issued for areas west of the plant and south of Spur 330.  The shelter-in-place has been lifted.

While Exxon has been quick to state that workers, local residents, and the community are safe, investigations and air-quality monitoring will continue. The blast and subsequent fire are a sobering reminder for locals about the dangers of sharing their communities with large industrial plants and refineries that process, house, and distribute massive quantities of combustible and toxic materials.

Plant & Refinery Accident Lawyers Serving Texas

Bailey Cowan Heckaman hopes all workers, families, and locals affected by the Baytown Olefins Plant explosion and fire are safe. Unfortunately, we know dozens of victims were injured. What isn’t clear at this time is how the incident occurred, and whether those injuries could and should have been prevented.

Wednesday’s fire is the second this year at the ExxonMobil Baytown plant. The previous fire, which occurred in March, resulted in the release of dangerous chemicals into the area for eight days, as well as a lawsuit filed by Harris County against Exxon for violations of the Clean Air Act. Other major explosions and fires have also occurred this year, including a fatal incident at the KMCO chemical plant in Crosby and the three-day fire at the Intercontinental Terminals Co. plant in Deer Park.

Corporations operating industrial facilities and refineries are obligated to ensure the safety of workers, local residents, and the environment – and they can be held accountable when they fail to meet their duty of care.

BCH has experience with cases involving refinery explosionschemical exposure, and serious injuries, and is actively investigating this matter and reviewing potential cases from victims and families who wish to learn more about their rights and options for legal action.

To speak with an attorney, call or contact us online. Consultations are free and confidential.

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