5 of the Top Occupations at Risk for Asbestos Exposure

AsbestosAt Bailey Peavey Bailey Cowan Heckaman, we are well aware of the risks associated with asbestos. Working with this material is something that is actually pretty common. Unfortunately, if proper safety precautions are not taken, prolonged exposure to asbestos can cause a person to develop mesothelioma, a rare and fatal cancer. Our mesothelioma lawyers want individuals to be fully prepared before they work with asbestos — knowingly or unknowingly. We have provided a list of 5 of the top occupations at risk for exposure to asbestos. If you are working in any of these positions, please keep safety in mind at all times.

Construction Worker

Plenty of older homes were built with materials and products containing asbestos. When construction workers are renovating or repairing walls or roofs, they become more susceptible to exposure. This is also true when homes need to be demolished because insulation, flooring materials, and more still contain asbestos.

Power Plant Worker

In order to protect workers and products from extreme heat, certain heat-resistant products are used. These products often contain asbestos and are often used inside pipes. When these pipes are cut, the asbestos becomes exposed and a worker may be affected.


Because asbestos products are often in older homes and buildings, when a fire starts, these can burn and the asbestos can become airborne. Even worse, some of the clothing, boots, and helmets that firefighters wear to protect themselves were made using asbestos. This means a lot of ways for exposure.

Industrial Worker

Textiles, gaskets, fireproofing, paper, insulation; these often contain asbestos in the industrial industry. Because a number of these workers work with insulation, they are at high risk of exposure to asbestos.

Asbestos Miner

Although this isn’t a common occupation today, it was popular when it peaked in the 1970s. Because mesothelioma can take time to develop and doesn’t show symptoms right away, individuals who worked in these mines may still develop the condition.

Our firm is dedicated to holding negligent employers accountable if they knowingly allowed a worker to be exposed to asbestos without proper precautions. Call today to discuss your possible case with our team.