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St. Louis arch

Gateway Arch Project Could Lose $350,000, Face Delays After Asbestos Error

As workers continued with the Gateway Arch’s underground museum project in St. Louis, Missouri asbestos piping was exposed. This caused work to stop. Officials for the National Park Service believe that the month-long delay will cost roughly $350,000 and cause additional weeks to be added on to the schedule.

Workers for the project’s contractor, McCarthy Building Companies, were working on the site in November when they cut into an old steam pipe. The result was exposed asbestos insulation. Park officials stepped in to evacuate the workers from the site and put a stop to the renovations. It was then that the workers realized that just a month earlier, they cut the same pipe.

Removal of asbestos during these projects is fairly normal and the protocol is the same. With this situation, the issue comes from none of the workers knowing of the asbestos when they had made the original cut on the steam pipe.

After more than a month, workers were able to continue work.

Exposure to asbestos is highly dangerous and can result in development of a rare cancer called mesothelioma. It is up to the owners of the grounds to make sure workers are aware of the potential dangers and they are properly protected from any exposure. If this doesn’t happen, and a worker develops the often-fatal condition, they can be held liable.

At Bailey Cowan Heckaman PLLC, our mesothelioma attorneys work hard to help our clients seek compensation after asbestos exposure. This goes a long way to helping these patients pay for medical treatments and cover other costs with which they may be dealing.

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