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EPA Settles with Boise Ski and Snowboard Park Developer

EPA Settles with Boise Ski and Snowboard Park Developer Over Asbestos Violation

AsbestosThe United States Environmental Protection Agency settled with a Boise-based ski and snowboard park developer, Gateway Parks LLC, for a $10,000 fine after allegations of a federal asbestos regulation violation.

According to the EPA allegations, the company failed to inform the agency that buildings containing asbestos were demolished. Prior to demolition of buildings, the EPA must be notified so agency inspectors can check and determine if asbestos is present and needs to be removed. This is to protect the public and workers from asbestos fiber and dust that can be harmful.

The director of EPA’s Pacific Northwest Office of Compliance made the following statement,

EPA’s asbestos rules require building owners and contractors to notify the EPA in advance of demolition projects and to use certified professionals to remove asbestos before demolition. When you fail to follow those procedures, your job site can become contaminated and put public health at risk from asbestos exposure. In a misguided effort to save money, Gateway Parks cut corners and unfortunately turned a $14,000 demolition into a $75,000 mess. In the end, we know it’s far less expensive, and much safer, to do this work the right way the first time.

Reports claim that Gateway hired a consultant to check for asbestos in the eight buildings on the two-acre site. The consultant placed a bid for abatement after detecting asbestos in six buildings. Gateway allegedly denied the bid and continued with the demolition without proper notification to the EPA. The EPA stated that the debris piles had an unknown amount of asbestos contaminating them.

Gateway was also ordered to clean up the asbestos contamination from the already demolished buildings. They also made the company follow federal regulations to allow for inspection of all pending building demolitions.

Exposure to asbestos can cause significant damage to a person. Asbestos can cause mesothelioma, which is a fatal lung cancer. It is important to make sure people are protected from any area with asbestos.

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