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AT&T, Training Managers Agree to $2.75 Million Settlement

A California federal judge recently approved a $2.75 million settlement between AT&T and a class of corporate training managers who alleged that the multi-billion dollar company misclassified them as independent contractors and failed to pay them overtime.

The proposed settlement included a hybrid fund that combines a claims-made fund for people who live outside of California and have not yet asserted a claim under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and a common fund for class members in California and FLSA opt-ins.

“Settlement now saves class members significant risk of no recovery, the cost of individual litigation, and the delay inherent in further litigation and possible appeals. The litigation is highly complex, both procedurally and substantively,” the complaint said. “Further litigation could easily last several more years and investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars more in costs, and a million dollars or more of attorney time.”

The suit was initially filed in 2015 when training managers tasked with teaching employees at AT&T about its policies and vendors discovered that they were misclassified as independent contractors and therefore exempt from overtime pay.

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