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BCH Attorneys Secure Favorable Settlement in Mesothelioma Case

Kyle Beale, Doug Grubbs, and Aaron Heckaman of Bailey Cowan Heckaman were able to settle a mesothelioma case for a favorable, confidential amount.

The trial team of Kyle Beale, Doug Grubbs, and Aaron Heckaman settled a mesothelioma case today for a favorable confidential amount after the conclusion of Plaintiffs Jury selection. The case was pending before David Mason, Circuit Judge in Division 17 (Circuit Court of the State of Missouri, St. Louis).

Our client, Luis Gonzalez, worked for a landscaping company and was exposed to asbestos-containing cement pipe during his working career. BCH settled with all defendants prior to jury selection, and the final remaining defendant was the supplier of asbestos to the transite cement pipe. Tragically, Mr. Gonzalez passed away before trial, leaving behind three sons.

Mr. Gonzalez did not speak English and his testimony was preserved on video through an interpreter. There were questions regarding his citizenship and the fact that he was not a citizen (he was born and died in Mexico). Mr. Gonzales was 68 when he died.

Our mesothelioma attorneys fight for victims of asbestos exposure and their families because for us, it’s personal. We meet our clients at the toughest time in their lives, and embark on the journey for justice together. The relationships we forge with our mesothelioma clients are more important than any award or recognition we could receive. You can contact our mesothelioma lawyers today for more information.

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