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BCH Files Personal Injury Suit Over Texas Man’s Onewheel XR Injuries

Bailey Cowan Heckaman has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Future Motion, Inc. on behalf of a Texas man who suffered injuries while riding his Onewheel XR.

As alleged in the complaint, our client had been riding his Onewheel XR on a paved downhill residential road in Benbrook, Texas when the device is alleged to have suddenly shut off and nosedived, causing our client to be thrown from the board.

As a result of the alleged shut off and nosedive, our client suffered severe injuries, including a broken femur, dislocated shoulder, and lacerations along the right side of his body. He was admitted to a local hospital for five days and was ultimately required to undergo two surgeries to treat his broken femur.

Read more on this press release.

BCH has become a leader in litigating personal injury and wrongful death claims associated with the Onewheel device. These Onewheel lawsuits claims that potential defects can cause the device to abruptly shut off and nosedive mid-ride, and that Future Motion failed to adequately warn consumers.

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