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Canadian Government Using Asbestos in New Construction?

According to a new report from CBC News, the Canadian federal government is still using materials containing asbestos in their new construction projects despite the known concerns. The report claims that two organizations confirm their use of asbestos even when the World Health Organization recommends a safer substitute.

Numerous unions in Canada are calling for a registry to list all of the buildings that may contain asbestos. They want this information to be made public.

Asbestos-cancer, or mesothelioma, is a serious issue. In the United States, most asbestos-containing products were banned in 1989, but a 1991 appeal overturned the decision. While many new construction projects and renovations are recommended to avoid using products containing asbestos for the safety of individuals working or living in these dwellings, it may not stop some from using it.

For Canada, a number of buildings are undergoing renovations to abate asbestos which has been linked to mesothelioma in federal workers over the years. Even though asbestos may not show the immediate cause for concern, it is important to know that these illnesses may not appear in the exposed individual until years after the initial exposure occurred.

If new construction projects in Canada are using asbestos-containing materials, is it possible that other areas, including the United States, could be using these products? There is a direct risk with the use of asbestos-containing products and it puts plenty of individuals in danger.

It is the duty of employers and building owners to inform workers, visitors, or inhabitants of a building whether or not there is asbestos present. This is a warning that should be afforded so these individuals remain safe from potential exposure and the conditions that can be caused as a result.

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