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Contractors to Remove Asbestos from Former Missouri Naval Reserve Center

The city council of Cape Girardeau in Missouri recently voted to have a contractor remove asbestos from a former naval center to make way for a new police station and courthouse.

Cape Girardeau, Missouri will be getting a new police station and municipal courthouse, but only after contractors remove asbestos-containing materials from the former Naval Reserve Center that’s currently located there. The town’s city council recently voted to hire an asbestos removal team to take care of the property before demolition and/or construction begins.

Materials that contain asbestos are most dangerous when the fibers become loosened and they can be breathed in, such as what happens during construction and demolition. The project in Cape Girardeau is expected to cost around $33,590.

City officials are unsure whether they will demolish the former naval center and build in its place, or if they will renovate the current structure. Either way, asbestos should be removed from the site before a project of this magnitude gets underway.

Missouri law, like federal law, requires that only licensed and trained contractors remove asbestos. The contractor that was hired for this remediation job is the same contractor that issued a report detailing the location of the asbestos on the site: in the flooring, pipe insulation, and some tunnels.

The Naval Reserve Center in Cape Girardeau was constructed in the 1960s, before asbestos use was halted after the adverse health effects of inhaling these fibers became widely known. For more information on this story, you can read about it in the Southeast Missourian.

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