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Elementary School Asbestos Removal Bids Came In at $190,000 and Higher

Two weeks ago, the bids for an asbestos and lead abatement project at Lacon’s Midland Elementary School came in reaching $190,000 and higher. The bidding process was required prior to the old building being demolished and officials were set to discuss and consider the bids last week at a School Board meeting. This means that the Midland School District will pay at least the $190,000 to remove the asbestos from the building.

Some of the other bids ranged from as low as $209,800 all the way up to $481,660 from various groups and environmental companies. There was even a bid submitted by Kinsale Contracting Group Inc. of Westmont, but it was not opened because it was delivered after the deadline of 11:30 a.m.

Two years ago, the estimated cost of demolition including asbestos removal was $600,000. These bids were the first time the School Board had seen firm cost figures regarding abatement and asbestos removal bids since they were granted a $9.8 million referendum to build a new building on a site directly adjacent of the one set to be demolished.

The bid-opening was only attended by a representative for one bidder and a reporter. No officials from Midland were present, however the School Board President Dixie Wheeler later released a statement saying the bids were to be considered January 20. The meeting would also be used to discuss other actions that would need to take place for the beginning of new construction of the school in September. The hope is that the new school building will be open and ready for use in August of 2017.

A bid approval last week would have made remediation work available in early July. The process would not be completed until at least the end of the month because abatement work requires a minimum of 10 days notification to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Then the work itself would take between three to four weeks.

The cost of the remediation and demolition will not be covered by the $9.8 million referendum, and officials have stated that the funds may come from various working cash reserves. Further expense stemming may come from the discovery of an underground fuel oil tank that was used for heating just east of the building. That process will require separate bidding and is expected to come at a much lower cost.

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