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Firefighters in Orlando Exposed to Asbestos

In a recent investigation, inspectors found that the Lakeside Village Apartments had asbestos in the floor tiles, ceilings, and duct work. This building had been used by the Orlando firefighters for training exercises. Now that asbestos has been discovered, the Orlando Fire Department has halted their training operations at the apartments permanently. The firefighters were apparently unaware of the presence of asbestos.

The asbestos issue in the apartment was well documented and officials were aware of the problem before the firefighters were sent in for training. Now, the firefighters who participated in training at the Lakeside Village Apartments have a record in their documents regarding the risk of mesothelioma. The doctor that met with the firefighters felt that the risk was low, but still explained that they would need to be monitored to make sure mesothelioma doesn’t develop.

Exposure to asbestos is a common problem in older buildings that used the product for their fire-resistant features. When individuals are exposed to asbestos for prolonged periods of time, they run the risk of fibers getting into their system and causing serious lung cancer called mesothelioma.

Employers or property owners must take proper precautions to ensure anyone who occupies the building is aware of the existence of asbestos, as well as the risks associated with exposure. When they fail in this duty, they put others at serious risk. If an individual develops mesothelioma because of exposure to asbestos they were not aware of, the victim may be able to seek compensation in a claim.

At Bailey Cowan Heckaman PLLC, we take mesothelioma claims very seriously. Our mesothelioma attorneys work to determine if our clients were exposed to asbestos without their knowledge. If this is the case, we work to file a claim seeking compensation to help cover expenses associated with medical costs, lost wages, and more. Call our firm today for a free consultation and learn if you have a case.

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