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House Demolition Complicated by Asbestos Discovery

A dilapidated home in Newstead was scheduled to be demolished, but the construction was delayed after an inspector discovered the presence of asbestos. The home has become a dangerous over the last eight years and the idea was to demolish it. Now, with the discovery of asbestos, the workers must take extra precautions to make sure that they are safe when entering the building.

The demolition has been delayed because workers must treat the whole building as though asbestos is present. The discovery of asbestos will also change the cost of the demolition and be charged to the owner of the property. The home will also have to be put out for a bid again under different circumstances than previously stated.

When a building has asbestos present, anyone who works on the building must take safety measures to avoid exposure. Asbestos exposure has the ability to cause mesothelioma, a type of cancer. When workers are exposed to asbestos for too long, they are at risk of developing this condition. Because this home has asbestos, there must be certain measures taken to remove the material prior to the demolition.

If you have developed mesothelioma after working with asbestos, you may have the right to file a claim against the owner of the building, the employer, the contractor, or a number of other parties who may not have provided you with proper safety measures or warning.

At Bailey Cowan Heckaman PLLC, our team of mesothelioma attorneys works hard to help mesothelioma patients recover the compensation they need if they have suffered as a result of asbestos exposure. Call us today to learn your rights and legal options. The initial consultation is free and we aim to explain the process to you so you know what to expect every step of the way.

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