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Jefferson County Asbestos Death Suit Nearing Conclusion

After a 2014 Texas Supreme Court decision limited asbestos manufacturer’s liability in mesothelioma cases, the family of the late District Judge James Farris faces what may feel like a never-ending struggle for justice.

Ellarene Farris, the wife of the late judge, sued Jefferson County, asbestos manufacturers, as well as other defendants back in 2005 after her husband died in 2004 of mesothelioma. She contends that her husband was exposed to asbestos while working in the Jefferson County courthouse, where he began as an assistant district attorney back in 1961 before becoming the county Court-at-law No. 2 judge, and later on the 317th District Court judge until 1996.

According to Farris, who is represented by BCH attorneys Aaron Heckaman and Kyle Beale, her husband never even found out that he had mesothelioma until nearly a week before his death. She told the Beaumont Enterprise that:

“He had just given a speech in Idaho in October 2004. He came home and said he couldn't do it anymore. He went into the hospital and nine days later, he was dead."

A Harris Country district judge ruled earlier in September that both Jefferson County and any other defendants involved could appeal any decision made in this case, meaning that even if they could find other plaintiffs similarly affected, the case would likely stretch on for years. At this point, the family is more worried about ensuring that the courthouse is clear of asbestos so no one else needs to watch their loved one die of this terrible disease.

Manufacturers have known just how dangerous asbestos exposure is since at least the 1930s, and yet mesothelioma cases are still coming up to this day. Whether or not you know where the asbestos exposure occurred, contact the mesothelioma attorneys at Bailey Cowan Heckaman PLLC today if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma. We will work with you to determine the origin of your disease, and will fight to secure the compensation and justice you deserve. Fill out the form on our website to tell us more about your case, or call us to speak with one of our mesothelioma lawyers today.

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