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Onewheel Accident Sends Actor James Van Der Beek to ER

Actor James Van Der Beek is recovering after suffering a serious injury on his Onewheel that sent him to the emergency room.

According to reports and videos posted to the actor’s Instagram, the Varsity Blues and Dawson’s Creek star had been riding his Oneweheel on Thursday, November 12th when it suddenly lost power mid-ride and nosedived. According to Van Der Beek:

"I have a lot of fun with that thing (Onewheel), and it works great as long as the battery is above 10 percent, but when it's not, it gives a tiny bit of resistance and then it just nosedives without warning and that's when I went over the front of it."

The fall sent Van Der Beek to a local Texas hospital with an elbow injury and lacerations that required stiches. Van Der Beek expressed that he was “very lucky” to not have been more seriously injured, and encouraged fellow Onewheel riders to be careful of possible nosedives and to wear a helmet.

Onewheel Nosedives Attracting More Attention

Van Der Beek’s Onewheel accident has shone a spotlight on one of the most significant dangers associated with the battery-powered, self-balancing skateboard: the Onewheel nosedive.

The Onewheel nosedive occurs when Onewheel devices experience a “pushback” that creates the sensation of the motor suddenly cutting out mid-ride. This can cause riders to lose their ability to balance, slam their boards forward into the ground, and fall forward.

Nosediving has been associated with a number of serious injuries, as well as the death of a Texas man whose family is currently being represented by Bailey Cowan Heckaman in a wrongful death lawsuit against Future Motion, Inc., Onwheel’s manufacturer.

The lawsuit claims FM’s Onewheel contains defects that can cause abrupt shut-offs and nosedives, and that FM downplayed potential risks and failed to adequately warn consumers.

BCH is Reviewing Onewheel Accident Claims Nationwide

While Van Der Beek was fortunate to walk away from his Onewheel Nosedive crash, not every rider does. If you or your loved were harmed in Onewheel accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

At Bailey Cowan Heckaman, our Texas product liability attorneys are actively reviewing potential Onewheel accident cases across the nation involving riders who suffered injury or death due to nosedives, pushback, or other potential defects associated with Onewheel products.

If you have questions about Onewheel accident lawsuits or whether you may have a potential claim, call or contact us online for a FREE consultation.

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