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Scientists Releasing "Seriously Misleading Information" Regarding Asbestos?

Could it be that some scientists who are financially affiliated to interests in asbestos are publishing information denying the possibility of harm associated with chrysotile asbestos and Bolivian crocidolite asbestos?

Edward Ilgren and John Hoskins have done just that, releasing a series of articles on the matter. There are a number of improprieties that have been exposed in regards to their articles. These include the scientists’ publishing in disreputable and / or non-existent journals, misleading information, as well as the failure to disclose their interests in asbestos, causing for a conflict of interest.

There are a number of scientists who have been researching asbestos for years who are now disputing the articles written by Ilgren and Hoskins. In fact, eleven Italian scientists have published comments in Epidemiology Biostatistics and Public Health claiming that Ilgren’s information is incorrect and that the conclusions put forth are not supported by sufficient evidence.

When asked to provide supporting evidence and data to support his findings, Ilgren could not supply the information to the scientists.

Over years of research and proven studies, it is known that asbestos has been established as a cause for mesothelioma. Asbestos was used in many buildings because of its fire-resistant characteristics and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, individuals who live or work in these buildings containing asbestos are at risk for serious asbestos-cancer.

If you or someone you love was exposed to asbestos and developed mesothelioma, it is important to determine the exact cause. This can help you build a potential case and file a claim to seek compensation for the damages sustained. At Bailey Cowan Heckaman PLLC, our mesothelioma lawyers are dedicated to helping mesothelioma patients throughout every stage of the process. Discuss your potential claim with us and determine if you have the right to take legal action. Call today.

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