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The Role of Expert Witnesses in Medical Malpractice Cases in Texas

How Expert Witnesses Can Help Prove Your Case

Proving a medical malpractice claim can be challenging. In many cases, an expert witness may be necessary to help you win your case. Expert witnesses can help a jury understand the case including the standard of care in the industry, breach of duty, or the extent of your injuries.

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How Do Expert Witnesses Help Prove Negligence?

Medical malpractice cases are generally based on a negligent act of a hospital, doctor, or another healthcare professional. To prove medical malpractice, an injured party must show that the healthcare provider failed to provide a reasonable standard of care resulting in their damages. 

An expert witness can help the jury or fact-finder to understand what the standard of care is in the industry. Depending on their qualifications, they may be able to provide testimony as to how a competent doctor in the same field would have handled a similar situation. Expert testimony can prove critical in not only explaining the standard of care to a jury but also how the doctor or nurse deviated from that standard.

How Are Expert Witnesses Selected?

An experienced medical malpractice lawyer will generally work with a network of expert witnesses. These witnesses will have extensive knowledge and experience in their field of expertise. 

Expert witnesses may be selected because of their:

  • Knowledge
  • Skill
  • Training 
  • Experience
  • Reputation

Expert witnesses often have published works and may teach on the subject in question. To be effective, an expert witness must be seen as credible so attorneys often spend years developing their list of trusted experts. 

What Types of Expertise Do Expert Witnesses Provide?

Expert witnesses may provide expertise in a wide range of subjects. In medical malpractice claims, expert witnesses can offer their opinion to help prove that the provider failed to exercise a reasonable degree of care when treating the patient or that they did not meet the professional standard of care.

Common types of expert witnesses used in medical malpractice cases:

  • Doctors and surgeons
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists
  • Nurses
  • Social workers
  • Chiropractors
  • Specialists
  • Other healthcare practitioners

Without the help of an expert witness, it may be difficult to prove your medical malpractice claim. An attorney can help you determine what kind of expert witnesses you will need to prove your case.

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