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Women in Australia to Pursue Class Action Lawsuit over Essure

A group of women in Australia who suffered serious side effects from the permanent birth control product Essure have filed a lawsuit against Bayer, the pharmaceutical company that makes the implant.

Learn more about the dangerous side effects caused by Essure here.

Bayer announced that it would stop selling the product in the United States in July of this year – it had previously halted sales in other countries around the world. According to the German company, the decision was based on commercial reasons. It released a statement standing by the safety of the product, but the incredible number of reported issues caused by Essure paints a different picture.

“With side effects ranging from hair loss and tooth loss to chronic pain, severe bleeding, miscarriages and even death, the benefit risk profile touted by Bayer simply didn’t jibe with the data that was pouring into the F.D.A. from both patients and physicians,” Madris Tomes, a former FDA official who now runs a company that analyzes adverse event data said.

The law firm handling the Australian class action suit stated that it will examine whether or not the device was "inherently defective". One of the plaintiffs, Tanya Davidson, stated that she suffered from serious side effects like memory loss and pain for eight years because of Essure.

"Every day I wake to the feeling of brain fog [and] have trouble remembering simple things like the names of everyday objects," she said in a statement.

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