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Deceptive trade practices are perhaps familiar in concept to every buyer, but proving them legally can be a difficult endeavor. At the law firm of Bailey Cowan Heckaman PLLC (BCH), we protect consumers with fierce representation, holding businesses accountable for their fraud and wrongdoing. We have 150+ years of collective experience handling complex litigation in landmark cases across the nation, so you can entrust your deceptive trade claim to our seasoned hands.

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What Constitutes Deceptive Trade Practices?

In general, a deceptive trade practice is any action or statement from a business intended to mislead or defraud a potential buyer. False advertising falls under the umbrella of deceptive trade practice—if you are being led to buy a service or product in a deceitful way, you are falling victim to a deceptive trade practice.

Deceptive trade practices can appear in many different forms, including:

  • Selling bootleg / counterfeit products
  • Lying about the sponsorship or approval of a product
  • Lying about the necessity of a certain good or service
  • Advertising products without the intent to sell them as advertised
  • Lying about the originality or newness of a used or refurbished product
  • Purposefully stocking fewer products than would meet reasonable demand

If any of the above practices were used to defraud you of your money, you may be entitled to compensation and justice. The commercial litigators at BCH are skilled and experienced in developing cases that demonstrate a business was participating in knowingly deceptive actions. Seek justice with our firm today.

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