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Settlement in favor of field/project engineer in FLSA overtime case

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The Fair Labor Standards Act has set forward strict and quantifiable standards for employers. Employees must make minimum wage for every hour of their working time, in compliance with overtime regulations and current minimum wage law. If your employer has not paid you in compliance with overtime or minimum wage laws, you are entitled to pursue an unpaid wage claim.

BCH has 150+ years of combined experience in complex litigation. We have a passion for representing clients against large companies and organizations, recognizing that the law has the power to hold anyone accountable—from single individuals to the strongest corporations. If you have been denied your rightful wages, our employment claims lawyers want to help you fight for what you deserve.

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Your Options for Pursuing a Claim

Employees who have unpaid wage claims have two ways to pursue their claims. The first way is provided under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The enforcement arm of the FLSA is the Wage & Hour Division, and it processes claims on behalf of employees around the nation. Claims through the WHD will allow them to facilitate back pay on your behalf. However, your other option is to file a private claim through an employment law attorney at BCH. Our experience with complex litigation and trial law makes us a powerful resource and ally for employees in all 50 states.

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