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Spina Bifida

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There are a number of conditions with which babies can be born. Each one is equally devastating and can be grueling for a family to endure. One particular disease that can develop is called spina bifida. This condition is described by the incomplete development of the brain, spinal cord, and / or the membrane that covers the brain / spine.

There are four types of spina bifida:

  • Occulta: This is the most common form of spina bifida. Only one or more vertebrae ends up malformed and it doesn’t cause any major disability.
  • Closed Neural Tube Defects: This is when the spinal cord presents more serious malformations of fat, bone, and meninges.
  • Meningocele: This is a more serious case where spinal fluid and meninges protrude through an abnormal vertebral opening (these protrusions are not always concealed by skin and often need surgery to fix). Most patients experience partial paralysis and suffer from bladder and bowel dysfunction.
  • Myelomeningocele: This is the most serious form where the spinal cord and neural elements are exposed through openings in the spine. It typically leads to complete paralysis (most people can’t walk or have extremely hard time walking / moving).

Discovering that your child has been diagnosed with spina bifida can be traumatizing. It is a life-changing responsibility for which you may not have been prepared. Many women unknowingly continue to use pharmaceutical drugs during pregnancy that have now been linked to some possible birth defects, such as spina bifida. It is not your fault. You deserve to have your questions answered and to understand your potential lawsuit. You deserve to be compensated for damages you have incurred.

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What Are the Treatment Options for Spina Bifida?

There is no cure for spina bifida, but there are ways to help make things a bit easier on someone who has the condition. Less severe cases may not even require treatment, but others can require surgery and rehabilitation efforts. At the end of the day, the treatment is to focus on preventing infection from any of the nerves or tissue that are exposed.

Are There Links Between Pharmaceutical Drugs & Spina Bifida?

There are a number of pharmaceutical drugs that can cause spina bifida. Some of the dangerous prescriptions can include anticonvulsants (prescribed for seizures) or certain SSRIs. These have been linked to various birth defects and if their use is continued during pregnancy, it can result in devastating injuries.

Some prescriptions drugs that can cause spina bifida include:

Spina bifida complications range depending on severity and can cause great malformation, loss of muscle function, and meningitis. If your baby was born with spina bifida after use of certain pharmaceutical drugs, our birth injury lawyers at Bailey Cowan Heckaman PLLC can work to file a lawsuit on your behalf. Let us advocate for you and your family.

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