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FLSA Overtime Recovery
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Settlement in favor of engineer in FLSA overtime case

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Employment & Overtime Attorney
"Thank you all for everything."
- M.C. (FLSA overtime client)

Representation for Governments & Unions

Providing Organizations with Effective Litigation

At BCH, we do not limit our representation to individuals who have been wronged. Our skilled litigators also stand up for organizations that have been defrauded or subject to wrongdoing by large corporations, including unions and state governments. When your legal situation needs the help of a seasoned and powerful attorney, call upon the legal team at BPB. We are ready to provide the aggressive representation you have been looking for.

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What Qualifies Us to Represent Your Organization

The legacy of BCH’s practice is built on the diligence, integrity, and ethics. Our tireless dedication to effective and honest representation has contributed immensely to the legal landscape across the nation, and we carry on that tradition of legal excellence.

Over the years, we have represented other state governments and large organizations, including Arkansas, New Mexico, South Carolina, Mississippi, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. We are the trusted representation of various Attorney Generals because we are known for our dedication to the law and to the good of our clients—no matter how large or small.

When you need a history of results and experience, turn to BCH—call (713) 425-7100 for a free case consultation.

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No Fee Unless We Win:
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