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Warming Blanket Infections from Orthopedic Surgery

Product Liability Lawyers Protecting Surgical Patients

Patients in sterile surgical suites often deal with the risk of hypothermia, where the body cannot heat itself as quickly as it is losing heat. One way surgeons have been dealing with this risk is through warming blankets. Since 1988, the Bair Hugger Warming Blanket has been used in hundreds of millions of surgeries, but has recently come under fire for its use in orthopedic surgeries, among others. If you have experienced major infections after being given a forced air warming blanket, either the Bair Hugger or otherwise, contact the law firm of BCH. When you need answers and legal guidance, contact our firm for a free consultation.

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How the Bair Hugger May Have Caused Your Infection

The inventor of the Bair Hugger, Dr. Scott Augustine, has been speaking out against the device by claiming that using it leads to severe and harmful infections, specifically deep-joint infections. While it was tested for use in various forms of surgery, it has never been tested for orthopedic surgery—despite its wide use in that area of medicine. The way the blanket works is by forcing warmed air through the blanket, which contains large plastic tubes.

The warmed air keeps the patient from becoming hypothermic, but it also disrupts the sterile environment of the surgery room.

It causes contaminants on the floor to circulate the room, allowing them to land on prosthetic attachments and create PJI, or prosthetic joint infection. These infections require patients to have multiple orthopedic surgeries to correct—some cases result in amputation. The parent company of the manufacturer, 3M, does not agree with the scientific sources that claim a connection between infection and their product. That has not made them immune to legal accountability.

Holding Companies Accountable for Over 30 Years

If you are dealing with the consequences of prosthetic joint infection caused by this defective product, BCH is prepared to handle your case. We have decades of experience handling complex injury claims, and we do not rest until every possible avenue for compensation is explored and utilized. When you work with our firm, you are never alone—we ensure that you have direct access to our attorneys at all times, no matter what.

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