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Settlement in favor of restaurant worker in FLSA overtime case

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The Department of Labor recently estimated that about 70% of employers in the United States are out of compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, mostly regarding disputes involving wage and hour laws. Nearly two-thirds of the nation’s businesses are in some way, intentionally or otherwise, robbing their employees of rightful pay. At the law firm of Bailey Cowan Heckaman PLLC, we are passionate about protecting the rights of employees against companies that do not provide lawful wages to their employees. Employment law is designed to protect the interests of individuals against all employers, no matter how powerful or established. Let our seasoned litigators step in and fight for your rightful pay and compensation.

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Common Wage & Hour Issues Employees Face

Wage and hour issues are not just about paying minimum wage. Employers must abide by multiple regulations as set forth by the Fair Labor Standards Act and other labor laws. These laws include classification of job duties, handling independent contractors lawfully, correctly calculating hourly wage, and more.

Some of the violations employers commit include:

  • Assuming a salaried employee is overtime exempt
  • Incorrectly paying piecemeal or commission workers
  • Forcing or encouraging untracked, “off-the-clock” working
  • Exerting power over contractors as though they were employees
  • Encouraging job duties that are not in line with the employee’s title

The Houston overtime lawyers at BCH have spent 30 years honing our skills in complex litigation. We have shown ourselves to be fierce and diligent lawyers in every step of a claim or case. Contact us to see if we can represent you against your current or former employer in wage & hour disputes.

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