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Guardrail Injury Lawyers

Product Liability Attorneys Protecting the Nation’s Drivers

Guardrails are intended to protect drivers in high-speed collisions.

Unfortunately, manufacturers do not always comply with federal regulations, resulting in unsafe and sometimes deadly products. Nationwide, states are beginning to investigate the causes of injuries involving guardrails, as companies like Trinity Inc. are starting to be held accountable for their unsafe practices. While the government is conducting its own investigations, that does not guarantee you compensation or financial support if you have been injured in an accident and are wondering how much your car accident case may be worth.

If you were injured by a guardrail in a high-speed collision, your only recourse for justice is with a product liability claim. At BCH, we have 150+ years' combined experience holding companies accountable for harm caused by their products.

How Guardrails Are Supposed to Work

Guardrails are made of metal ribbons connected to an end terminal, usually the flat piece with black and yellow stripes you’ll see on the highway. When struck from the side, guardrails keep cars from sliding off the road, slowing them down while allowing drivers to control their vehicle with the friction. When struck head-on, the terminal pieces slow the car down and absorb the impact, expelling the metal ribbons out to the side.

In order for guardrails to work this way, they must be designed and built according to very strict physical guidelines. When manufacturers cut corners, these metal ribbons can very quickly become metal spears. In the confusion of a car accident investigation, it might be difficult to determine what exactly is at fault. However, if a guardrail behaved in any way other than what was described above, you may be entitled to compensation.

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