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Houston Healthcare Fraud Attorney

Protecting the American People from Healthcare Fraud

According to recent studies, billions of taxpayer dollars are stolen and wrongly claimed each year as a result of healthcare fraud. Experts estimate that the rising cost of healthcare is partially due to rampant fraud against government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. When companies and individuals seek to dishonestly receive payments from government health programs, the public suffers. At BCH, our False Claims Act attorneys fight relentlessly to expose and combat healthcare and medical fraud in all its forms. We have spent 30 years practicing complex litigation in various practice areas. Our work has allowed us to represent the Attorney Generals of multiple states on behalf of the American people, as well as multiple unions and large organizations. We are prepared to aid government whistleblowers with aggressive and seasoned litigation in order to protect the public’s interests and keep healthcare affordable.

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When the Public Cannot Fight for Itself, We Are There

Due to the sheer amount of fraud that occurs every year, the government cannot enforce the law against every dishonest claimant. For this reason, they rely on “whistleblowers” who develop cases and file lawsuits on behalf of the government. These whistleblowers, acting independently on behalf of the nation’s citizens, provide a crucial service in a world where oversight is more difficult than ever.

Common forms of fraud include the following:

  • Submitting claims for services never rendered
  • Offering illegal kickbacks for healthcare referrals
  • Filing claims for patients who never underwent care
  • Filing claims for unnecessary procedures or medications

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When companies or individuals abuse the system, it makes it harder for patients in genuine need to get care. That’s why BCH supports relators and whistleblowers in their efforts, and why we offer representation on their behalf. Our litigators can work with you to develop a strong case.

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